NYU Tisch School of the Arts in part with the MFA Graduate Acting Program. Directed by Eliza Baldi at New York University. October 2016.

Scenic Design: Andrew Moerdyk // Lighting Design : Stephanie Buchner // Costume Design: Desira Pesta

Set in 1949 in Hollywood, the play centers on the disillusionment and disgust with himself of a [drunk] major movie star, Charlie Castle, with the Hollywood's studio system as he has lost his passion and creativity in the pursuit of success. Castle's idealistic wife Marion has left him and has warned him not to sign a new contract with studio boss Marcus Hoff, or she will not return to him. Hoff has covered up a fatal hit-and-run accident committed by Castle, and he threatens Castle with the revelation of his secret if he does not sign the contract. Caught like a mouse in a trap, he signs the contract, but subsequently commits suicide with the knowledge that the lives around him have been sabotaged by his mistakes.