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Jim, owner of Jim's Autos, a defunct small town car dealership, refuses to modernize to compete with the changing times. His daughter Betsy refuses to let them fail and re-brands the company to include loads of purple and no more donuts.

Pilot Directed by Sam Rubinoff 

Director of Photography: Dan Hirshon

Production & Costume Design: Desira Pesta



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House Rules

Senegalese ex-pat, Amra Ra, struggles to pay his Brooklyn mortgage and takes up a friend's advice to start hosting on [Air]BnB. Opening his home to strangers, especially with an obsession with alignment, spurs a chance for an eclectic mix of cultures to find the beauty in one another, and for Amra to let others in. 

Written & Directed by Maba Ba

Director of Photography: Mamadou Du

Assistant Director: Sandra Manzanares

AC: Alan Wu

Production Designer: Desira Pesta